I love Aldi. I really do. When I first heard of Aldi I thought it was a place that sold German car parts. That was a long time ago. But what I like about Aldi is that it has really good products…at low prices! So I wanted to share 5 best buys from Aldi for under £1.00. Why £1.00? I thought it was a bit of a challenge. As you know we like challenges from our 5 meals from Waitrose for £20.00 post which you can read here.

So before we get into the list, there were 2 other products I wanted to add but could not find. Aldi have a tendancy to have a product on the shelves one week but then you will never see it again. Not as bad as Lidl though. Therefore the below 5 Best Buys are currently available in Aldi. 

Greek Style Salted Caramel Yogurt – £0.85

Let’s start with something that I was pleasantly surprised with the first time I had it. If you are a fan of yogurt and salted caramel then this is for you. This is yogurt has a smooth caramel flavour to it but with the slight tangy taste in the background.

At £0.85, this Greek Style Yogurt is a great bargain. You get a lot of yogurt too so this lasts for some time. I mean Mrs Reviews finished it really quickly and didn’t leave much for me. But it’s fine because I don’t handle cold stuff well when Autumn starts. This also gets Mrs Reviews stamp of approval and she is not a caramel fan.

Apple & Mango Juice – £0.89

I love Tropicana drinks, especially the Apple and Mango flavour. However, they are on the pricey side and they never last that long. The other problem is, not many other supermarkets do their own version and if they do, it’s not very good. However, Aldi have their own Tropica replica juice drinks and they get very close to recreating the same taste. The taste does not feel cheap like some other replicas and this one feels really refreshing.

I really recommend this if you like Tropicana but don’t always want to buy it at full price. You know exactly what I mean, we all buy Tropicana when on offer only. But when you can’t, then you to buy Aldi’s version. I have not mentioned that this is only £0.89! Mrs Reviews probably gets sick of me repeating how amazing the price.

4 Brioche Burger Buns – £0.79

I love using Brioche Buns for burgers or whatever else I can find to use them in. Aldi’s Specially Selected 4 Sliced Brioche Buns is one of my favourites that we have been buying regularly. It’s soft, fluffy and the sweetness just compliments a delicious burger patty.

Some might not like the sweetness of brioche. I can completely understand as I have had bad brioche buns previously. I don’t want to say any names (Warbutons) but I promise this Aldi’s version is really good. I mean look at the package, it’s got an award!

Popcorn 200G – £0.85

Who hates Popcorn? If you do, then you probably need to look in the mirror as you might not be an good person. Not liking popcorn is like not breathing. Okay, I am being silly. But yes, if you like popcorn and you like a lot of it then you will like this. For only 85p, you are getting a 200g of popcorn.

This tastes good too and it’s obviously copying the Butterkist Cinema Popcorn. It’s not on that same level because lacks that extra little crunch. But that is a nitpick because it did not stop me from finishing a bag very quickly. Did I mention this is perfect for sharing? Just don’t tell Mrs Reviews.

8 Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls – £0.79

The last item on this very important list is Chocolate Chips Brioche Buns. Because this food item was the companion to my morning coffee at work. As you can see Brioche flavoured has shown up twice on this post because Aldi do Brioche products well. I have tried these type of brioche chocolate chips in other supermarkets and I don’t actually like them so you know I really rate this.

The brioche is soft, nice sweetness and if you like chocolate chips then this has chocolate chips. Great with a hot drink. The other reason it’s on my list and like everything else is you get 8 of them for £0.79. You just need to store this away in your drawers at work.

So what do you think of our 5 best buys from Aldi? Something we missed? Possibly we need to add another 5 in the future?