This weeks post I am reviewing Aisha’s Breaded Chicken Goujon because it’s halal. Also, I wanted to talk about halal food available in supermarkets that end up taking up a lot of space in Asian freezers…freezer number 2 that is. 

Since moving to Birmingham, I have been fortunate to have more halal options available to me. Down South in my parent’s little peaceful village, the nearest Asian foodstore was a 7.7 mile drive (according to google maps). To be honest, us Asian’s living in these type of areas have got used to it. We buy in bulk thus the freezer number 2 joke. 

But what is becoming more common, especially in Muslim-Asian populated areas, is more halal products available in supermarkets. What I mainly see is a freezer section with halal food like samosas, chicken nuggets and sheek kebabs. There is also the occasional halal chickens in the chilled section. But the game-changer for me is the Halal butchers in Asda. But that’s a discussion for another time, what I wanted to discuss is Aisha’s Chicken Goujon which is commonly available in Asda.

Let me just tell you that these goujon’s are not the best thing you will have. They are dry, lack flavour and don’t hold up well baked. Ultimately, these chicken goujons are very plain and the only thing that’s going for them is they don’t taste bad either. Best way to explain it is like having the chicken version of plain crackers. 

But saying all these things I still buy these goujons because I am so used to them. The first time I tried it was when I was living down South and it was sold in one of our larger Tesco’s. Just seeing a halal food item was reason enough to buy it. They became something we enjoyed especially during Ramadhan. Well, it is hard to hate any food when you are fasting for 15 hours a day! 

The Goujon’s are the little pieces obviously…

I’ve had better chicken goujons before, they can be found in Asian food stores. However, they can be slightly pricey at times. Aisha’s Chicken Goujons are reasonably priced at £2.25. It’s also easier getting stuff from Asda compared to shops in Asian populated areas. I hate driving up and down those roads looking for a car space to open up. I mean Asda has a massive car park. So yes, when you have what you need in a supermarket it is easier. 

These goujons are not going to set your world on fire. But they do the job. Sometimes you need these in an Asian home. Especially when you need something to go along with Samosas. So do I recommend this? If only, you have limited options due to your area then yes these are fine. But if you want some tastier nuggets/ goujons then I advise you head to an Asian-halal food store.

By the way, what are Goujons anyway…isn’t it just chicken strips? 

Aisha's Breaded Chicken Goujon







  • Reasonably priced


  • Lacks flavour and seasoning
  • Small pieces