This post is more of a recommendation then review for all my bearded fellows. It’s funny but I feel like I have an instant connection when I see someone else with a beard. Normally it comes with me giving a slight nod of approval like we are members of a secret beard club. Even my son only trusts going to men with a beard. If you are clean-shaven then he stares you out until you feel like confessing a past crime!

Now we all know having a beard is a commitment in itself. It’s kind of similar to getting a cat, you always stroking it and you find pieces of hair in random places. But If you are not taking care of your beard then it can become very uncomfortable and irritable. So I want to recommend the natural beard oils from Back2DRoots which I have been using for 3 years. 

Back2DRoots is a family-run business that produces natural and organic skincare products. We use a variety of their products from moisturisers, face masks and yes beard oil. The first oil I used was their Original version which smelt really good and softened my beard. I bought different types of beard oils before but they all had basic aroma’s. Onxe I actually bought my first bottle from Back2DRoots, I was surprised to see a 50ml bottle was only £6.00! Generally, at that price, you are looking at a 30ml bottle at best.

Apart from their original version, there are two more which I having been using frequently. Especially the Cool and Fresh Blend, which became one of my favourites. The oil comprises of lemongrass, lime, coriander, cederwood and bergamont. All these ingredients work wonders to leave a lasting refreshing smell. I love using this in the morning after a shower. Especially those cold mornings when heading out to work, the aroma from the oil would lighten up my senses.

The other oil that I have only been using the past year is the Mellow Blend. This one is smooth and the aroma of vanilla smells delicious. Mrs Reviews loves the scent of this when I apply it. She can even smell the aroma even after applying it 12 hours ago. Another thing I love about this oil is how smooth it makes your beard and soothing feeling you get when brushing it.

Now I don’t have a big beard, like one of those woodsmen. I started growing my beard for religious reasons and took some time before it was fuller and looked right. But applying beard oil made it well conditioned and stronger. Although I probably would have had more beard hair if it wasn’t for Baby Reviews pulling one or two out most days of the week!

So hope this recommendation post is something of use for you. I always recommend Back2DRoots to my friends and families and it’s an honest run family-business which I admire. Check out their other products here if you are interested. 





Back2DRoots Beard Oil







  • Natural beard oil
  • Long lasting aroma
  • Great price