One of our goals is to review products that really have a positive impact on our lifestyle and health. The past few months we have been looking at a water filter system because we were about to wean our baby, our location was not great for water and we were fed up of purchasing water bottles. So we finally purchased the Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher by Klar Water and within a short time, it’s left quite an impression. 

Since moving to the Midlands we have struggled with the taste of water due to the high fluoride level. In our first apartment, the water was barely drinkable. Then when Mrs Reviews got pregnant we started buying bottled water. I get nightmares thinking about carrying the six-pack of bottled water along with shopping up to four flights of stairs. Then we moved to our current house and the water tasted slightly better. But once Baby Reviews was born and started weening we knew we wanted as a family to drink clean, healthy water.

Type ‘water filter system’ in Amazon and you will probably be overwhelmed with the search results like us. We tried to refine our search by adding ‘fluoride’ and came across Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher by Klar Water. The reviews were really good and the price was more than reasonable at £39.99. I must add there are different opinions on the long term effect of drinking water with fluoride in it. But for us personally, we wanted to try and avoid it. Also, this water filter alkalizes the water and remove microplastics from tap water. 

We were also researching and contemplating about the Berkey Water Filter System which is a tower-like tank that holds more water. Ideal if you have a large household. However, we decided against it due to the very high price and the so-so reviews.

The Klar Water Filter Pitcher works similar to its other counterparts in the market. You place a water filter inside of the jug and you are ready to go. You pour water through a flap at the top and a minute or two later it will filter all the water and ready to consume. The filter lasts for 60 days from when its placed inside the jug. On top of the handle of the jug, it indicates how many days you have left.  

Before our purchase, I was unsure about buying a replacement every 60 days but something changed my mind quick. The manual states you can get up to 300 litres of water within the 60 days. That is pretty good for 5 litres a day for our family. With the capacity to hold up to 3.5 litres it felt like we had access to filtered water all the time. All this makes it so easier and cost-effective as we are not buying half-dozen of bottled water at a time. Also, I have realised we are drinking a lot more water now too. Our pitcher has constantly got water in it for a glass of water or for the kettle. 

This brings me to the taste of the water, which is another big deal for me. So from my review of Pact coffee, you will know my love for brewing coffee. But to get great tasting coffee you need clean, soft water. Since I started using this Pitcher, the coffee I have been making has been tasting amazing. The hard water from the tap used to kill off the taste of a fresh coffee. Even the tea we having been making tastes cleaner and clearer. Just on this change itself, I would advise getting a this water filter pitcher. 

I have discussed all the positives of this product and there few things that don’t make this perfect. Firstly, yes you have to buy a filter replacement every 60 days that cost £8.99 on Amazon. Although I have seen comments stating it goes over the 60 days but then the taste is compromised. It’s just a slight hassle. If you have a big family then you will be constantly filling this up as it will take a couple of minutes to filter. It’s fine for us but it’s something to bear in mind if you have a large family. 

The other issue for me is the water sometimes spills out when pouring a lot. The beak opens up too much and I have got spillage a few times. It’s pretty heavy too when filled up so you will need to be careful manoeuvring it around. We had an incident when this was accidentally dropped on the floor but we did not get any breakage or any long-lasting damage. I give it extra points for its strong build.

So let me finish this review with my final thoughts. I have been using this for the past 3 weeks and it drastically changed our lifestyle and health for the good. We are drinking more, not buying plastic bottled water which is saving us money and helping the environment. Our coffee and tea are tasting so much better too. 

There are few things I pointed that don’t work but honestly if I had known the positive impact this has made then I would have purchased this couple of years ago. I would really recommend this to anyone and I am really happy with this product.

If you are looking for a water filter jug then give Klar a try, click here for the current pricing.

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Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher 3.5L







  • Softer, cleaner and better tasting water
  • Good build and quality
  • Holds 3.5 litres of water


  • Occasional spillages