If you’ve read my previous post on the Popular Method Anti Bacterial spray, you would know that since motherhood, I have become more conscious of the cleaning products I use on a daily basis. The idea of touching my pure baby after being in contact with harsh chemicals was enough to make me spend a little bit more money on more non-toxic cleaning products rather than buying the cheap supermarket products as I had always done. 

I’m not perfect and I can’t claim to use all non toxic products for the whole house but I’m making small changes here and there. The bathroom was one area where I definitely wanted to change up my cleaning products as I was routinely using bleach and bleached based sprays to clean the room, under the impression that was the only thing that would really get it clean and get rid of nasty bacteria. I then stumbled upon Method’s bathroom cleaner whilst it was on a special offer at Waitrose for £2.

Despite buying it serveral months ago now, it still hasn’t run out and I use it a few times a week so I definitely think it’s worth the extra pennies. Our bathroom is not huge and I tend to use the spray mostly on the bath, the sink and the bathroom mirror. If you’ve read my recent review on the Munchkin bath mat, you would know that we’ve recently transitioned our toddler to having baths in the bath time. As a result, I’m even more conscious of making sure the bath tub is nice and clean and that this is achieved without the use of harsh chemicals. I feel at ease that I can spritz this in the bathtub and give it a bit of a clean and not worry about any contaminants touching my son’s skin. 

The bottle claims that you get a sparkling clean finish wihout any scrubbing and I would tend to agree. My sink and mirror come up nice and shiny and clean with minimal effort, no different to the bleach based cleaners I have used in the past. 

I do like the Method packaging and the pretty range of colours the sprays come in. I picked up this bathroom cleaner in Eucalyptus and Mint scent and at first I used to think it was a bit remniscent of the smell of toothpaste but it’s rather grown on me now. In fact I actually prefer its fresh scent to the Wild Rhubarb Anti- Bac which I find a bit cloying at times. 

So yes, if you’re looking to go for a more non toxic cleaning routine that is a little bit more Eco friendly, then I would definitely recommend this product.  It’s something I will definitely be repurchasing once I have run out.