Aldi Girasoli

One of the hardest questions I get asked by Mrs Review is ‘what is our meal plan for next week?’. I always have two meals locked down (one including pizza) but then just hit a wall. Although we like to go all out on weekend meals, on weekdays we are looking for something quick and easy. So you can see why we struggle to think of a plan for the full 5 days. 

One way we tackle this issue is to take a trip to a supermarket and look around for ideas for our meal plan. Now I have a very loose criteria when looking at food: quality, price, easy to cook and preferably meat-free. The reason for the latter is we tend to find our energy levels higher when we stick to vegetarian/ meat-free meals on weekdays and we can indulge in slightly more carb-based meals.

So I felt very intrigued when I came across Aldi’s Specially Selected brand of pasta. These were there more premium quality of products they sell and they had a decent selection. Now straight off the bat, the packaging for the Creamy Ricotta and Spinach Girasli (Note: Check if Vegetarian) looked attractive and quite elegant. I am not sure if I ever notice food packaging but this caught my eye. The same can be said for the actual pasta which compared to the cheaper tortellini Aldi’s stock, you would think there are two products from different shops. 

At a very reasonable price of £1.69, this was a no brainer of a purchase. Now Mrs Reviews did the cooking honours and the photos on this post will provide the evidence. The quantity of the pasta gave us two decently sized portions with some garlic bread on the side to further fuel our carb craving. The pasta was boiled as normal and we bought a jar of Tomato and Mascopone sauce from Aldi which was cooked on the side and added with the pasta at the end. 

Now let’s discuss the taste. Well, it was really good. The pasta was soft and the ricotta filling could have been creamier. I could not really taste the spinach but each bite had a noticeable pleasant flavour. The outer layer of the pasta soaked up the sauce well. Compared to other tortellini-style pasta at a similar price range this is much better. It’s not the premium kind it might try to look like but it works. After we finished we felt pretty good and very satisfied. This was a positive for me as tortellini-style pasta normally give me a serious case of food coma.

So as I conclude this review, I would say this Gorsilini from Aldi is a delicious weekday meal which I really enjoyed. It never felt like I was having a ‘cheap’ product even the value was really good and it was stress-free to make. For me, that’s a win-win. Now I am no expert on tortellini-style pasta but I would like to compare this to other supermarket ones. In the meantime, this is definately a must buy every time I shop Aldi’s especially with varied range to pick from. It also makes difficult questions regarding meal planning much easier. 

Aldi's Creamy Ricotta & Spinach Girasoli