Fentimans Curiosity Cola

Does anybody remember Panda Pop?

Okay, this post has nothing to do with Panda Pop, it just popped into my head. But I was wondering what the Cola flavoured one tasted like. I only remember the blue coloured one that made your tongue blue. I am sure no one wants to know they used in order for that to happen. Now enough waffling lets get into our review of Fentimans Curiosity Cola, an exact opposite of Panda Pop Cola even though they are both cola drinks. 

I came across Fentimans drinks through my brother-in-law mentioning it about 18 months ago. The discussion was around some drinks being made from natural food rather than ingredients that can make your rusty coins shiny. This got me interested because I try to stay away from fizzy drinks. Coke always tasted too sweet, fizzy and dense. But when I tried the Fentimans version, it was nothing like Coca Cola or any other Cola drink.

Firstly, let’s talk a little bit about the company behind the product. So Fentimans’ drinks including the Curiosity Cola are botanically brewed. Fentimans have described it as a ‘time-honoured technique’ of ‘infusion, skilful blending and fermentation of natural ingredients’. Now I am not going to discuss how they make their drinks from scratch but I will put a link to their website here that has step by step process and a video on their craft which I found admirable. I especially like the way the base of the drink stems from a ginger root that has been bruised, crushed and milled. They also source natural ingredients from all over the world so I can understand how their drinks have more intense flavours.

The Curiosity Cola I bought was a 125ml glass bottle from Waitrose on offer for 80p which was an amazing deal. The normal prices for the smaller bottles are £1.20 and you can get them in Sainsbury’s too. The glass bottle and design has an industrial look but suits the character of the drink. 

I love the taste of this drink and again I am not the biggest fan of Cola flavoured drinks. This one is not fizzy and the drink feels light. The sweetness is not artificial compared to coke and there is a nice hint of natural vanilla throughout. The lingering taste of ginger after every sip adds depth and character without being too overbearing. All these elements work well together and the taste is satisfying. 

This drink would be my ultimate recommendation to anyone and almost any occasion. If you are looking for a grown-up soft drink either for yourself or for a gathering, then check this drink out. 

I really do hope if you ever taste Fentimans Curiosity Cola you really experience the craft and natural flavours working its wonders. I am pretty sure you will be left impressed like I was. 

Now Fentimans have a wide range of other flavours which I am sure I am going to be reviewing. But there are also other soft drinks which I am excited to try and share my thoughts. Some are popular and some not many have heard of. So look out for these future posts!


Fentimans Curiosity Cola







  • Light
  • Natural flavours
  • Sophisticated taste


  • Slightly expensive if not on offer