Cleaning has suddenly become very trendy recently with the likes of the popular Mrs Hinch taking the internet world by storm. I’ll be the first to admit that cleaning is not one of my favourite chores, but as you grow older, it’s one of those inescapable parts of life and I’ve even found myself these days indulging in the odd speed clean video on youtube or watching cleaning hacks videos.

Like most people, I’ve tended to just stick to regular household and supermarket brands, often guided by whats on offer. However, since having our son last year, I have suddenly become more conscious of using strong chemical products. There have been a few times when he’s woken up from a nap crying whilst I’ve been cleaning the bathroom with a bleach product and I’m frantically taking off my gloves and washing my hands before I pick him up. So I’ve starterd looking into more non-toxic cleaning optioms. I’m a bit too lazy to start making up my own vinegar and essential oil sprays but I’ve seen a lot of bloggers raving about the Method line of cleaning products so I decided to check it out.

Our little one has just recently started weaning so the anti-bacterial cleaning spray seemed like a good choice to start with to tackle the mess left on his highchair.

I purchased the wild rhubarb scented bottle for £3 from our local modestly sized Waitrose. It likewise retails at Tesco and Sainsburys for the same price, though possibly only in the bigger stores. You can also buy it online from various specialist websites and Amazon.

As expected from any anti-bac spray, it kills up to 99.9% of bactera however its main unique selling points are the fact that they are cruelty free products and all the bottles are made from old bottles and the cleaners from biodegradable infredients. Method’s cleaning power comes from a naturally derived lactic acid formula, which in their words, “smells like wild rhubarb, not chemicals.”

At £3, it’s certainly the most expensive anti-bac spray I’ve purchased, The last one I got was a one from Aldi for less that 70p. It’s a lurid green colour, typical of many household cleaners, and has that distinct chemical-y smell that we have all been programmed to believe means that a cleaning product is doing a good job.

But the Method cleaning spray in contrast smells a delight. I 100% agree with the claim that it smells like wild rhubarb and not chemicals at all. It is such a delightful smell, that to even compare it to an air freshner feels too artificial. It smells much more light and natural with little floral notes. I spritz it on my baby’s highchair and his playchair he sits in, let it sit for a minute or two and then wipe away. Because the trays are made from plastic, it’s fairly easy to get rid of marks and stains without much elbow grease. I actually get excited to spray the product and I don’t feel any anxiety at the thought of my baby picking up any toxic chemicals after putting his hands in his mouth when sat in his chair.

It is a pricier product but I don’t see it running out any time soon so it is well worth the extra few pounds in my eyes for the peace of mind it delivers. For the conscious parents out there, or those who are trying to do their bit for the environment, the Method line of products is a real game changer. I hope to see it stocked in more supermarkets like Asda and wouldn’t be surprised if supermarkets start producing their own line of non-toxic cleaning products to rival them (some have already started).

In future, I would definitely be looking to try more Method cleaning products and would even look into more natural and eco friendly laundry products.

Method Anti-Bacterial Multipurpose Spray