I am back with an Aldi post and a review of their Triple Chocolate Swill Roll because it’s delicious. Sorry, sorry I know I should not be giving awya my opinion so early but you saw the title right? So let’s discuss why this is a hidden gem. 

So some months ago I came across this box of Triple Chocolcate Swiss Roll. Now I surprised myself for buying this because I was never a fan of swiss rolls. What made me buy it? Well Aldi’s Specially Selected products just catch the eye, the packaging looks really good. Also most of their Specially Selected products actually taste good. I will also add the value was really good too (I saw this a lot) at £1.49. 

Now this is a chocolate swiss roll, triple chocolate I should add. But it was not over-bearingly sweet at all just slightly rich. The outside was coated in milk chocolate which although it was the outer shell, it was quite delicate and just melted in your mouth. Inside you had the soft sponge cake rolled up with chocolate filling in between. The sponge in this roll was good, because it was not to thick that meant it was not to dry or dense. I prefer cakes more lighter but this was fine. The chocolate filling was delicous but they don’t go overboard and keep a conservative amount spread on the sponge. Overall, all three parts of the roll was well balance.

There are not too many cons. One thing that will annoy anyone is when cutting the roll the choclate just decides to break off into thousand pieces. So you might end up with no chocolate coating. A litte hack that I think works is running your knife under hot water so you can slice through the outer coating. But this is a swiss roll from Aldi, you probably just want to cut it with a butter knife. 

So to conclude this review because I don’t know what else to write about this…I recommend you buy it, slice it and try it. Even Mrs Reviews really likes this and she is not the biggest fan of sweet stuff especially when the ingredients are choclate times three. This is perfect for when you have guests over for tea and you have you flowery tea set. I don’t know why I am talking about this because I never hosted such a thing but it sounds like this Triple Chocolate Swiss Roll will be good for such a occasion.