This is going to be a rather awkward post. I am not going lie it’s going to be super awkward, maybe a little cringe. I don’t have much of a intro becuase I am going to doing my first Instagram made me buy it post and review the Hygie Cup. This product is used in the bathroom where you fill it with water to clean your private parts…(I can’t believe I am doing this!)

Okay let’s get serious. As Muslims we must keep ourself clean at all times so we can adhere to the 5 daily prayers. This means we must used water to purify us after visiting the restroom. We use something Bengali people called ‘Bodna’ or ‘Lotta’ for as Pakistani people refer too to hold the water. But this football-shaped-plastic-teapot with a handle thing is mainly a home object and not something you take around travelling with you. 

So the dillemma for us Muslims is using when travelling we have the limited availability of using something to hold water. Now bottles have always been the go to thing but you have to either take one around with you or buy one if you are at the services. I mean you are aware of the prices at the services? The only other thing that is a issue with bottle is if you have empty one then you fill it using the taps but you can only use small bottles. 

Apart that, bottles are generally okay to use but my wife came across a ad for the Hygie Cup which had a unique selling point. It’s a rubbert cup that folds in to a size of a thin wallet. It sounded perfect to travel with or keeping  in the car when you really need to go. So without thinking much we bought it to try it, review and hopefully use it in the future. 5.99  which was in that ball park figure of not cheap but not that expensive. It cost £Now just trying this out somewhere was a bit difficult then I thought. 

My first impress on the Hygie Cup was that I liked the look and feel of it. (That sounded weird). Best way to describe it is that it was small and easily fitted in your pockets or in your bag. But being small also was a negative for me. When un-folded into its cup form it didn’t look like it could hold much water. The other little concern was folding back in was a little fiddly becuase of the rubbery texture. It can be a little difficult if you are trying to gold this thing and it’s unfolfing itself. Although I did like the round cover they gave so it stayed in place. 

Okay now lets talk about its use *deep breath* which took me some time to get around too. To be honest this review took a long time to get around too! But don’t worry, I won’t get into any full detail. But yes I didn’t want to use this at home as it defeats the purpose so I decided work will be the place. I picked a quite afternoon in the height of winter when it was dark outside. When it was time to go, I stopped typing on my keyboard and secretly took the hygie cup and put it in my pockets. Without any hesitation I hastly made my way to the toilet in the lobby. 

So what I found is that although the hygie cups works in these scenarios you have to be careful. I don’t particular like public toilets and if I plan to re-use things then I want to ensure it stays clean. So the Hygie Cups has number of limitations too in these areas. Firstly, if a sink is not near you then you have to place the hygie cup somewhere. You can’t hold onto it with water in it whilst trying to relive yourself. I placed some tissue on the basin and left it there. The second thing is the actually cup does not hold that miuch water. This can be a real problem because if the sink is not near like I mentioned. You could carry more water with you but then it kind of makes the hygie cup a bit redundant then. 

These things for me was quite a big problem whne using the Hygie Cup. Also, even though there is a small spout it didn’t really help with the water control. Along with the cup being fiddly to put back together it was actually not that easy to use. In fact, using a water bottle is probably easier as you can dispose of it. 

However, even with these limitation I don’t actually dislike the Hygie Cup or find it kind of pointless, I strangley admire it. I guess the biggest plus of the hygie cup is that you don’t have to dispose of it. That makes it easy to always have around due to its small size. Secondly, it’s environmentally friendly. Although I am not someone who probably helps the envinroment as much as I like. I don’t like the use of plastics and feel like using plastic bottles for toilet purposes where it does not get recycled is not a practice I condone.

So I feel like the Hygie Cup is something handy to have around for emergency scenarios. It’s hard to recommend the Hygie Cup to everyone but I think it can be very handy to Muslims who are travelling and can be used in ahoel room Even if you are not Muslim and like to keep yourself clean after a bathroom break then this can be a handy item in public toilets. Do I think the Hygie Cup is a neccessity? No not really, I don’t think this is a must buy. If I was not reviewing it then I probably would not have bought it. But it’s a handy, environmentally travel-friendly product with limitations and I am happy to possess it. 

Hygie Cup







  • Handy for travelling
  • Well made
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Doesn't hold too much water
  • Difficult water control
  • Fiddly to put back in place