Hello everyone! Mr Reviews here and back after a lengthy absence. I just wanted to write a post to give an update on this website as so much has happened (yes coronavirus is one of them) since the last review. Also, this will feel like a little tune-up post before we start publishing reviews again, you know, to get back in the groove of things.

Now first little announcement is that we have had a new addition to the family! Our second son was born towards the back end of April on the 3rd day of Ramadhan. Both baby and Mrs Reviews are healthy and fine. We are so happy and relieved that our son is here with us during this crazy time.

We naturally took a break from the website around February time as my wife was in her 3rd trimester. Now personally, finding time was a challenge too much to take with a heavily pregnant wife and a toddler who started to climb things like he is training to climb Mount Everest. I also got busy from taking on more responsibility at work, to ensure job progression like any responsible adult should. To be honest, whatever my situation was, Mrs Reviews was feeling 100 times worse. Life tip to husbands…you will never feel as tired and worse than a heavily pregnant woman. So all this stuff was going and then the coronavirus happened.

I don’t want to talk about the coronavirus itself as it’s been in our daily lives for the past couple of months now. It’s been a strange and challenging time and hearing all the deaths have been really sad. For us, when the lockdown was enforced we went into strict isolation due to my wife being pregnant. That meant relying on shopping via delivery and occasionally people dropping items off. The real difficulty was probably for my wife not being able to go out, even though we were allowed the 1 exercise per day rule, we didn’t risk it.

Even though the situation was not ideal, we feel it was a true blessing to get through it. The little one has added some sunshine into our lives the past couple of weeks, even if we feel so tired we can just fall over.

Finally, I wanted to discuss future plans for this site. We will still be continuing with posting reviews. Obviously there will be a lot more reviews of baby products and we do have a little backlog of things to cover. The whole point of this website is to reviews and recommends products that don’t have too much information online. One of the things we will be doing is sharing photos of the ingredients and nutritional information of the food we are writing about. We want to provide as much information as possible so if you have other suggestions then let us know. I also want to do some shopping haul posts from places not too well known so look out for those in the future.

Hopefully the above is a little update of what’s going on. We still have lot of work to do and improvements to make on this website but so far we have been happy with the feedback and the results. So we thank you for any support you provided including just reading a post. The Reviews family hope you stay safe and we hope to provide more reviews soon!