I’ve raved on this blog previously about how much I loved the Shnuggle bath. It was an absolute game changer for me as baby bath time was something I had been unreasonably nervous about whilst I was pregnant. I had seen many a family member precariously supporting a newborn baby’s head and neck whilst bathing them. Even older babies would slip unless very carefully supported. However with the Shnuggle bath, I felt confident bathing our son right from the newborn stage. The more inclined positioning of the bath meant he could sit up himself from birth with just a little bit of support of someone holding him. And it wasn’t soon before he could sit up on his own whilst we supervised him. 

However the only problem with the Shnuggle bath was that it has an age limit of 12 months. As our not so little baby approached toddlerhood, I kept on thinking about what I could change him to instead. Our son was never a really huge baby so we managed to keep him in the Shnuggle to around 13 months, though his legs were a little folded up. I did not want to buy another larger baby bath as others suggested to me as that was what I wanted to avoid in the first place plus we really didn’t have the space to store 2 baby baths. 

We decided to just take the plunge and transfer him to the big bath in the bathroom instead. I looked up a few bath seats for toddlers out of safety concerns but there didn’t seem to much out there for that age range and plus it was quite pricy. 

So in the end we decided to just fill the bath up quite high to make sure he didn’t get cold and we would make bath time a 2 man job so we could make sure he was properly supported. It was a bit of a faff as previously in the Shnuggle it was an easy 1 person job. Our bath is quite deep so it involved quite a bit of bending down and our little one was sliding around the bath a lot so we both had to make sure we were holding on to him carefully. We did this for a few weeks before I started looking up some ideas to make bath time a bit easier until our little one was bigger. Many mums online suggested this bath mat from Munchkin and I decided to give it a go.

I bought ours from Amazon here and though there are lots of other random brands offering a similar product at a similar or cheaper price, I decided to go with Munchkin as it was a brand I was familiar with. In the past I had once bought a cheap bath mat for us adults from Poundland and it was rubbish, not even sticking to the bath properly. The RRP is £13.49 and I bought it when Amazon put it down for £7.00 thinking it was such a good deal however it currently is on sale for £6.47 and I saw it even cheaper during Black Friday. So it’s definitely affordable and I would also say don’t rush to buy it in fear of missing out on a good deal – it’s alwaya put down at some point! 

It wasn’t as large as I had imagined, as I’d assume it would cover all of the bottom of the bath. However, it is more than enough space for a baby or toddler to sit in and perhaps move little bit around on if needed. Visually, it looks quite cute and our toddler has enjoyed every so often trying to grab at the coloured spots. 

However, it does fit its purpose and keep our son safely in one spot whilst we give him a bath. The bottom of the mat is covered in suction cups which stick to the bath. The top of the mat is a thick and durable plastic sheet in white and covered in multicoloured polka dots. Our little one is no longer sliding around on the bath floor and we only need one person to be holding him in the bath water so I feel confident again that bath time can go back to a 1 man job again. It’s been a few weeks now and we haven’t had any issues with mould or anything yucky as of yet! It does seem fairly easy to clean though. I would just use some spray and wipe it down and definitely avoid putting it in the washing machine as some consumers have suggested (only to find some of the suction cups have come off!).

My only gripe left with our current bath situation is the amount of water used in the tub for one small person. Especially considering how little water was needed in the shnuggle. I have looked at bath dams to restrict the size of the bath however it is quite expensive so not sure if it is worth it.

So yes, bottom line, if you are the parent of a toddler or older baby looking to transition to the big bath but are worried it will be a bit awkward, give this Munchkin bath mat a try. It will hopefully make it much easier for you as it did for us.

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