How cool and hipster is Halloumi right now? It’s probably one of the trendiest and versatile foods out there. I have seen it used in so many different types of dishes. So I was surprised and not-so-surprised at the same time when I came across Aldi’s Specially Selected Halloumi Fries. It was instantly in the trolley because I had to try it. I did double-check the price of course! 

Halloumi can be used in dishes in many ways. I once came across a menu where the vegetarian options were halloumi burger, halloumi chips and halloumi salad. At work, we have a monthly Friday take out and two of months ago we had fish and chips. The vegetarian selection was halloumi and chips. I picked this and got battered-fried halloumi. It was really good but very oily to the point I don’t think I got much work done that afternoon. 

So to the review. This is the first time I ever came across halloumi fries. But through past experience of halloumi, I wanted to try it. Also, I know Mrs Reviews would like to try it too. Now priced at £2.29, it’s expensive for a box that did not look like there was much in it. You can probably get 2 portions to share between 2 people. But don’t treat it like loads of fries that you munch one after the other until you are full. 

When I tried this it was late and really busy with babies being passed over like hot potatoes. So I was not able to take any photos. But I can tell you that it did cook nicely in the oven and had a nice crunch to it. Now my oven can play up sometimes so few were slightly over-cooked. But overall they looked really fine.

I thought the taste of these for me was mixed. The outside of the halloumi was crunchy.  However, the inside was a bit on the rubbery side. What I wanted was that it will taste a bit softer after cooking. Therefore, probably would have been better off fried. So I won’t take any points for that. But the main criticism is it’s slightly over salty. Not over-bearing but could have been toned down a little. 

To summarise these tasted like halloumi as you would buy from the cheese section. But not that enhanced halloumi that I wanted when I have tasted as a burger or in falafel wrap. Maybe I had an unrealistic expectation when I bought these but I think the recipe can be improved. 

So the question you may ask is…should you buy this. Maybe. I would only recommend it if you fry it instead of baking and if you love halloumi more than your siblings or something. Although I am very mixed with this product, I do want to try it again. Maybe not from Aldi either and potentially making it from scratch. But there you have my confusing review. I can carry on but I am going to just stop. Oh, halloumi is still trendy though!


Halloumi Fries







  • Nice crunchy outside


  • Bit too salty
  • Rubbery texture