lidl Belgian Chocolate cheesecake

Okay please proceed with reading this post with caution if you have a sweet tooth. This review we are indulging ourselves into Lidl’s Deluxe 2 Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake. We picked this up on offer for £1.39 when we were really in need of small dessert to accompany our Saturday night meal.  

Straight off the bat, this looks almost identically similar to the Gu Cheescake products which I and my family are a very big fan of. This Lidl version is much cheaper compared to the Gu’s at less than 70p per pot so I was happy with the purchase (and excited). 

This cheesecake has three layers of dessert with Belgian chocolate on top, middle filling of Madagascan vanilla and chocolate biscuit layered at the bottom. To start with the Belgian chocolate, it was dense and really sweet but still creamy. I was actually glad there was not too much of the chocolate because it would have been overbearingly sweet. The vanilla filling was the background flavour and there was a lot of it which complimented the sweet chocolate. Now the chocolate biscuit was really good, it was a mix between the size of digestive biscuit and flavour of Oreos. It was not sweet, had a little crunch and worked well with the other flavours. 

So all in all, this was really good, I think the size of pot works because you get something to satisfy your sweet tooth but you don’t indulge too much. I liked the ratio of the vanilla filling cheesecake to the chocolate. Although they could have added a little bit more of the chocolate biscuit. Being slightly critical then this probably falls short compared to the Gu’s similar flavoured version due the later having more quality in flavour. But this gets a thumbs up from me and works well with a cup of tea. 

Just a little warning to end this review, don’t get multiple pots as you will probably find your self having more than one. This did not happen to me but it probably would have if Mrs Reviews wasn’t there to stop me.

Lidl's Deluxe 2 Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake







  • Creamy and smooth
  • Nice chocolate base
  • Good amount


  • Not enough chocolate base
  • Chocolate tastes cheaper