I have solved one of my worst morning scenarios of having no coffee beans to brew a delicious cup…the answer is Pact Coffee.

So Pact is an online-run business that provides a coffee subscription service that is delivered through your post. Pact source ethical coffee from all over the world, directly from the farmers who grow it. They also roast the coffee before they ship it thus providing fresh-tasting coffee.

How much do you love coffee? Do enjoy spending your afternoon in coffee shops? Is one of your kitchen cupboard full of random brewing kits? Do you buy coffee that costs more then it does in the supermarkets? Okay, I have just described myself. 

I have always loved coffee. But in the last 3 years, it’s gone to another level even though I drink the same amount. My hobby now is making coffee at home. It’s my ‘me’ time where I slow down, relax and enjoy the process of brewing a meaningful cup of coffee. But I don’t want to discuss how I make coffee but the company that I buy coffee from, who are called Pact. 

Before a colleague recommended Pact coffee to me, I was buying coffee from local coffee shops. However, as I could only go on the weekend, I found my self in too many situations with no coffee. So when I heard Pact deliver coffee beans through the post, it was a no-brainer. Now well over 12 months on I am still using Pact as my daily coffee source. 

The coffee can be purchased to accommodate any coffee maker from Aeropress, French Press or Espresso Machines. They even sell pods if you have a Nespresso machine. There is an option to have it specifically ground or purchase it whole-bean. Personally, I would recommend purchasing a coffee grinder so you can brew with fresh coffee. Ground coffee tends to go stale quicker.

When I purchase coffee, I want to know the beans have been recently roasted. It’s important to me that a roast date is visible on the packaging. What I like about Pact is they roast the coffee a day before its shipped. The coffee is the most potent at this point and the freshness lasts longer. 

As stated, there are many types of coffee you can purchase, even decaf. All these coffee have different hints of flavours, roast profile and even how the coffee was processed. Here is the link to all the different types of coffee they do with description. My personal favourite is the Fruit and Nut Espresso as I like my coffee to sharp fruity undertones.

The prices are split into 3 plans: House is £6.95, Select is £7.95 and Mirco Lot is £9.95. The difference in pricing is due to the grade score of the coffee. I generally pick my coffee from the Select plan as there are a lot more choices. Now prices are generally reasonable for the quality but what makes it’s amazing is the free postage. I should note Select or Mirco Lot plans are posted via first class. This has helped me in the past when I have been short on coffee. 

Pact’s website is very user-friendly and you can navigate around very smoothly. There is lots of flexibility in setting up the account to your preference. It is easy to change the delivery dates or the coffee is itself. Also unlike other subscription services you can pause your account or cancel very easily without speaking to anyone.

My use of Pact has helped me experiment with coffee. I use the Aeropress on a daily basis and like to try different brewing methods. With Pact I can compare different types of coffees without worrying about running out.

Flexible and convenient is how I would finally sum up Pact. They can accommodate coffee for any type of drinker. You might not like all the different types of coffee and I still buy coffee from my local cafe. But Pact is head and shoulders above the quality of the coffee sold in supermarkets.

There are other online services that also ship coffee which I have not tried. I would love to review them and compare with Pact in future. I also want to discuss more topics around coffee as mentioned in this post so keep an eye out!

Thank you if you have come to the end of the post. If you are interested in trying coffee from Pact then I have a little treat to get £5.00 off the first purchase. Go to Pact’s welcome page and use this code MRREVIEWS-COFFEE1 

Pact Coffee

£6.95 - £9.95

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  • Coffee through post
  • Different variety of coffee
  • Good quality