Continuing with some more halal food reviews, I came across something rather interesting. A box of Salaam Foods Hot & Breaded Spicy Wings which was just eyeing up to be reviewed. 

Growing up my group of friends loved chicken wings…well they still do. I was never the biggest fan. I preferred my chicken off the bone whichever way it was cooked. But you will find lots of fried chicken places in Asian populated areas so you get used to it…a little too much.

I remember when my older cousins used to return from London and bring back about 30 – 50 delicious got wings. The wings were heavily breaded but soft. The chicken was tender and didn’t take many bites to finish. At first, I thought they were just okay but through the years they got more addictive. 

Fried chicken is not something we usually make at home because as I have probably said before, we don’t like frying. So again, anything that we can oven bake is our preference. So I was intriguingly looking at this box of wings before buying because of the packaging. It looks like a box of chicken you get from chicken shops except slightly smaller. This only cost £2.95 for around 16 pieces of wings. That’s pretty good to me but they are the small types of wings. 

Unfortunately, although the box looked great I chucked it away instantly when I got home (don’t worry it was recycled). I didn’t have the freezer space and the wings were placed in a plastic bag so that was easier to store. We oven baked a just a handful of wings to taste test in the evening. 

There few positives but more negatives with these wings. What I liked was there was flavour and especially on the breading. It might not have been as spicy as it said but it was in the background. The wings were juicy and did not dry up from the oven baking. 

But what I didn’t like about it, was that the texture of the chicken was not great. The best way to explain was it had a lot of fat within or this jelly type chew. It just felt like the chicken quality was not great. I was not expecting something falling off the bone. But I was also not keen to continue having more pieces due to the gloopy texture.

In all honesty, these wings were disappointing. I had high hopes when I bought it. They would have been ideal for when I had family visiting too. But these are not the wings you think when you want to have wings. They don’t come close to the Halal takeaway-type of hot wings.

Although relatively priced for wings, you are probably better off using the money to make it at home or from a good takeaway. As you can see, I can’t really recommend these chicken wings but if you ever try it or like it then let us know. Actually, don’t let me know, it won’t change my opinion. 

Salaam Foods Hot & Breaded Spicy Wings







  • Decent flavour


  • Too much fact in the chicken
  • Gloopy texture