I am back with reviewing more Halal products because we need to have more halal reviews on this website. Actually I just realised this is Onion Bhaji’s so we don’t have to say its Halal. Ah it’s okay, the company who produced this is Halal, so it’s all fine. Continuing on with my not-so-secret Asda Halal grocery haul, this post I will be discussing Shazan’s 10 Bite-Size Onion Bhajis. 

I have a little history with onion bhajis. I worked in a family-run restaurant some time ago where we sold them round and flat. Then we started making them into palm-sized balls which I really liked. But if you ever have the Bengali-motherly version, then you will know they do not have a specific shape or size. Everyone makes them different and not just in looks but also taste too. My mother’s versions are small, crunchy and spicy. Then I have had the softer and more tender onion bhaji’s.

So as you can see there are different types of onion bhajis. So I came into this review completely unbiased. This is important because as an Asian, our stubbornness can result in slight negativity towards supermarket based halal food. Basically, I am trying to give a rational suggestion for all Asian mothers not to judge. Because these onions bhajis were actually alright. 

We picked up a small neat-size box of Shazan’s Onions Bhajis for only £1.00. With about 10 golf ball-size pieces so at about 10p each which is a great value. So unsurprisingly we oven baked 5 bhajis to have with some meat biryani (sorry if I am making you hungry). Obviously, these were originally fried but the conveniency here is you don’t have to fry them again. The instructions also recommend oven baking for the best results. They did not look that pretty, slightly charred from the pre-fry but it did not bother me

Me and Mrs Reviews both tasted these together and were pleasantly surprised that it did not taste bad. I told you Asian are very critical of their own food. Anyway, these onion bhajis were actually good. The bake very well with some crunch on the outside and the inside is tender and sweet from the onions. They are not spicy at all and don’t have that extra crunch. Some might think they lack the additional flavour or its too sweet. But I don’t mind these softer-type bhajis as they are something enjoy on the side.

My thoughts are very positive on this because the quality is good and the value is even better. I am not going to lie, I did start craving my mother’s version after having these because hers are on another level. But that does not make these bad and in fact, it’s really convenient to just put them in the oven. The box size is also compact and will not take lots of space in the freezer. Plus they will work well in gatherings if you want a lot of hot finger foods for guests. I recommend some chilli sauce to go with it to give it that extra kick. 

So Shazan’s Onion Bhajis is a definitely worth checking out and something I will be buying again. These might not taste like your Asian homestyle bhajis but the convenience and value are enough for me to buy it again. Just don’t tell my mother about this post. Okay, I am joking, my mother is not like that. But I am sure she will conclude these are in no competition to her own version!

Shazan's 10 Bite-Size Onion Bhajis







  • Great value for money
  • Taste alright
  • Easy to make


  • Not spicy at all
  • Needed little more crunch