I am back to review one of the favourite foods in this nation. No, it’s not curry, although that is a favourite too. It’s battered fish! More specifically I am reviewing Lidls Deluxe 2 Jumbo Battered Cod Fillets. Why you ask. Because people need answers and I am here to provide those answers!

So getting straight into it. I want to talk about the price. It’s expensive, really expensive. These 2 Cod Fillets cost £3.19. I still shed a tear when I think about it. But Mrs Reviews wanted some good quality fish for dinner. She never really asks for much so I bought it for her happiness. Although this is highly-priced, the positive is its a jumbo, so its big (see photo below). So you are getting a bit more out of it and it’s Lidl’s Deluxe brand so more on the premium side.

The day we decided to have these cod fillets we really wanted with some mash and gravy. Again, we only oven bake and these baked okay although due to the size it might have been slightly drier looking. But what I was looking forward to was how the batter tasted.

As you can probably see, this was very crunchy in a good way. The batter was better than the bread-crumby versions that you normally get. The crunch was like that soft crunch which I really like. It was not quite like the chip shop style batter as it suggests. However, I give it marks for tasting different and not just being bigger with Deluxe labelled on it. I also got the taste of black pepper seasoning too which gave it that tiny punch. Mrs Reviews said it could have done with more seasoning. I slightly agree but I was fine the way it was too. Maybe a Lemon and Herb version in the future?

The fish itself was soft and tender. Sometimes these shop-bought battered fish can be very dry and mushy if that’s the word. But you can tell good quality cod was used here. You also got a lot of fish too, it wasn’t just long and thin. However, I did scoff this down pretty quickly and enjoyed it with the mash. 

To my final conclusion, I can happily say I would recommend this jumbo battered cod fillet from Lid for its taste. It probably won’t be in my weekly shopping list due to its price. My thoughts are very similar to my review of Waitrose’s Chunky Fish Fingers. I would definitely buy this again when I feel like treating Mrs Reviews! 


Deluxe 2 Jumbo Battered Cod Fillets







  • Jumbo size
  • Crunchy tasty batter
  • Quality cod


  • Expensive
  • Little more seasoning