Welcome to our first ever review! Today I, Mr Reviews, will review Waitrose’s 6 Chunky Breaded Haddock Fish Fingers.

Fish fingers are a childhood favourite for many people, including me. It’s something that is always in the freezer and flexible to have at any time of the day. Maybe not for the breakfast though. Anyway, we had just come back from a memorable holiday the day before and we were out of food in the house. Begrudgingly, we headed to a couple of shops to get something that would be quick and easy to make. Whilst I was looking at the offers in the freezer section, these fish fingers caught my attention as they were 25% off, from £3.25 to £2.43. As well as the price I was intrigued as to how Waitrose fish fingers would taste as these looked different compared to your average Birdseye style fish fingers.

At first, I was wondering if the cost of these justified only 6 fingers but the first thing I noticed was that they were really long, almost double in size compared to normal fish fingers. I would still have liked to have seen more than 6 in a pack because if you have a lot more people in the house then these won’t stick around for long.

We like to cook food in the oven but we are aware fish fingers generally taste much better fried. However, these fish fingers stayed true to its description and after I took them out of the oven they were crispy and golden. We decided to make fish wraps but we could have easily made fish sandwiches or stuck them in some buns. Again due to the size you may even cut these down and make an extra wrap to get more out of them.

Taste-wise, they were pretty delicious, the fish was flaky and the batter was good. If I had a little complaint it was that it lacked a little seasoning. However, due to its size and crispiness, they worked well in soft white wraps. Like all fish fingers they are flexible to have in different ways and this is no different. I can’t see these types of fish fingers in our weekly shopping list but if I came across these on offer again then I will definitely buy and recommend to others too.

So my final conclusion is these are high-quality delicious fish fingers and I recommend these for that special lunch treat. Something for the kids to really enjoy and obviously the adults too.


Waitrose Chunky Breaded Haddock Fish Fingers