About a 2 months ago, something tragic happended. I was in the bathroom and I accidently dropped my favourite beard oil in the sink and it smashed everywhere. It was a travesty because there was still a solid third of oil left and I didn’t have a backup oil. So I decided to buy a Beard Oil from Hundred (Beard Company) from Amazon to see if it was worth it.  

Now, I have not bought Beard Oil from Amazon for about 3 years. Mainly becuase I have been using Back2DRoots Beard Oil which I have reviwed and I recommend you to read it here. My previous experience of buying beard oil from Amazon was not great. I generally found the quality lacking and they smelt average. So many years on, I want to see if there are any good products now. 

The choices available on Amazon can be slightly overwhelming. You don’t have much to go on apart from the customers reviews. One thing I would suggest is not to look at the cheap priced items as most likely will be of poor quality. I wanted to find a oil in the £6 to £10 range. There are lots of Beard Oils that come with additions like a comb or a shampoo. I would avoid these products, as the reviews suggest the oil itself is not that great. I will also advise buying a small beard oil around 30ml. You don’t want to be stuck with a big bottle that you don’t like. 

So with a loose criteria I came across a nice looking and reasonably priced Beard Oil by a company called Hundred Beard Company. The one I bought was a Forest Edition and cost only £7.95 for 30ml. This was a Amazon’s Choice product, which is a general good sign it’s not that bad. My order was placed and a couple sunsets later I had a bubble wrapped package in my hand. The packaging could have been more protective. However, my initial impression of this beard oil was positive. 

Firstly, the smell was pleasant. The pine tree essence was really prominent when you firstly apply it on. Although this had a very woodsy or forest-like aroma, it was still quite a light smelling beard oil. I was not to suprised when the instructions on the bottle advised to use 4 to 6 drops for application. Compared to the Back2DRoots beard oils where they advised to use 2-3 smalls drops then this is quite a bit. I don’t mind it but it just means the oil is not as strong and generally will not last longer.

The second thing I wanted to discuss is how this beard oil felt after using it. After not using any oil for about a week, my beard was deprived of nourhsiment. Applying this beard oil instantly felt good and it kept feeling good the next few weeks I used it. Remebering the oils I have bought from Amazon in the past, it did not have the soft and smooth texture like this oil. So I was really happy everytime I was using this.

To conclude, I would recommend this beard oil as a well priced and easy purchase from Amazon. This is not going to be my main beard oil that I will purchase grequestnly. At best, I can see this as a backup beard oil. Something I can use when travelling or when I accidently drop my favourite beard oil bottle in the sink. The reason I say this, is that the smell of this beard oil is not strong enough for me. I have just tried better oils personally (again, you can read my Back2DRoots review here). So this is more of a emergency oil but definately reliable. Also, good for a first time buy if you are starting to grow a beard. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

I hope this review was useful. I know there was a small break from our last post. But we needed the little break especially when we have the little one who is getting less little by the day. One thing I would like to do more is review mens health products, so comment if you have suggestions otherwise watch this space. 


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