After a little break, we are back and the best way to get into it is to review chilled pizza! It also gives us the opportunity to review Morrison’s Hand Stretched & Stonebaked Margherita Pizza. This is our second review of the supermarket pizzas and I am really excited to talk about this one.

If you read my last review then you would know I was not fond of ASDA’s branded pizza. I gave a detailed explanation with everything wrong with it although it was their frozen version. Part two of the chilled version will follow in the future. 

Mrs Reviews made an unexpected trip to Morrison’s and I pitched in the idea to pick up their best-chilled pizza. We both really like Morrison’s and it’s unfortunate we don’t shop there much due to us being nearer other supermarkets. 

So Mrs Reviews purchased this for £4.00. They did have an offer to buy two for £7.00 at the time which is good if you have the fridge space. I do think £4.00 for a chilled pizza is a little high, You can get 2 frozen pizza’s for that amount and some local pizza shops sell a small Margherita at the same price. However, when the pizza tastes good I will fork out the extra for the quality which with this pizza there was. 

Firstly let’s talk about the bread because it was pretty amazing. The outside was crispy and the inside was soft and fluffy. The bread had a nice crunch but without feeling hard to bite into.  So I think the ‘Handstreched’ technique that they have described was actually used. I also loved the charring around the crust which produces smokiness as well as show some character and craft. This is how the bread should taste in a pizza. 

The Italian passata sauce was another highlight for me with its smooth flavouring to it. It wasn’t too tangy or too sweet, just in the middle. The herb seasoning was prominent with Mrs Reviews pointing out that she can smell the aroma from the dry basil after it was cooked. I might have liked if they took a little bit risk with the flavouring just to stand out or give it character. It might be me being critical but the sauce can be the something that takes the pizza to the next level. 

Moving on to the cheese. They used thinly grated mozzarella over the pizza as well as balls of fior de latte which is a milkier cheese. Now if you like your pizza with lots of cheese then you will like this, they don’t hold back. The quality was good too, it was creamy and smooth. Personally, I don’t mind the lots of cheese but I like it spread out. The balls of mozzarella used here were quite large and the cheese was very thick at times.  

So let’s conclude this review. The bread was fantastic and the definite standout. The sauce was good and there was a very generous amount of cheese used. The pizza was enough to share between two people unless you have to have a pizza all by yourself. All in all, this pizza a really delicious and filling pizza. Whilst eating it I thought this was one of the best supermarket pizza I had. I did have small issues that are more personal nitpicks than anything. But I would recommend this pizza to anyone.

Now I have tried pizza from nearly all other supermarkets and I will be going back trying these pizzas so I can review them. But I can say this Morrison chilled pizza is definitely a contender for the best-chilled pizza I have had. 


Morrison's Hand Stretched & Stonebaked Margherita







  • The bread was well made and tasty
  • Lots of creamy cheese
  • Good size