Lidl Deluxe Chunky Oven Chips

If I had to list my Top 3 favourite food groups, it would probably go something like Number 3: Eggs, Number 2: Rice and Number 1: Potato. I love the humble potato in all the many forms it comes in, mashed, crisps, baked and of course in chip form too. If I had to pick a meal off a menu, I’m pretty fine so as long as there are some chips on the side.

So, my authority on the issue now established, you will see now why it only seemed right that I take the lead on reviewing these chunky chips from Lidl. At £2.50 in the frozen section, these chips are comparable in price to brands such as McCain and some supermarket own brands. Most chips from Lidl come under the £1 mark so at double the price, I was expecting a big differece in quality and taste.

These chips are labelled as chunky and they really weren’t exaggerating. They’re probably the chunkiest chips I’ve ever bought from a shop before, almost the size of a small potato itself. I underestimated their girth the first time I made them and filled a whole tray with a layer of chips to cook in the oven. It turned out to be too much though and we struggled to finish the lot, even me the self proclaimed potato lover. So on subsequent times, we have literally put two or three chips per person to go as a side to whatever main we were having for our meal.

Due to their size, they took a very long time in the oven to cook fully and go nicely crisp and golden, which isn’t great if you’re after a quick chuck in the oven meal. When cooked through until golden and crisp, they taste great with a sprinkle of salt and is nice and fluffy on the inside.

On to taste, they were nice, but nothing really outstanding enough to warrant the deluxe label or the doubled price. If I’m honest, I have enjoyed Lidl’s cheaper chips and fries a bit more. I like a good fat chip that you get from the fish and chip’s shop, but there’s a difference when they’re not deep-fried. I found them to be a bit overwhelming unless eaten in very small quantity, to the point that it was a little bit claggy and making my throat go dry. I am not quite sure if such chunky chips are suited to oven baking and perhaps they would have tasted more deluxe if they were for a fancy twice or thrice fried method.

We have a little bit of the bag left in the freezer which I’m sure we will be finishing soon but I don’t really see us buying these again any time soon and would probably just stick to Lidl’s standard range which are cheaper and taste better in my opinion.

Lidl Deluxe Maris Piper Chunky Oven Chips







  • Fluffy
  • Crispy


  • Too chunky
  • Dry and claggy
  • Takes a long time to cook